Scans and Treatment for those in need

We seek to remove financial barriers for patients to receive imaging-based assessment and treatment that will transform their lives. We serve children and youth from low-income families, disadvantaged adults, seniors, and Veterans.

These scans are transformative. 3-D SPECT Imaging, which is a powerful, evidence-based tool that measures blood flow and activity in the brain – enables us to enhance diagnosis and guide treatment. What’s more, having a SPECT study changes the diagnosis 79% of the time! With an accurate diagnosis, patients receive the most effective treatment. As you can imagine, the cost of a scan and treatment is expensive — $3,950 per individuals. This cost is always a barrier to receiving access to care for low-income families. That’s where the Foundation comes in with assistance. We are dramatically changing lives of the under-served in our communities.

Be sure to check out the testimonials of people on whose lives we’ve made an impact, here.

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A vital part of the Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Foundation’s mission – to fund cutting-edge brain research – has sponsored over 60 brain research studies by Amen Clinics that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

What we’ve learned from all these studies is that we’re not stuck with the brain we have right now! The research findings enable us to dramatically improve lives, one brain at a time. We know that if you heal your brain, you heal your life. The brain can be improved in just 2 months. Over the past 3 decades, Amen Clinics has scanned 135,000 brains of patients age 9 months to 101 years old, from 111 countries. We hope to raise the funds to begin a pioneering new Memory Research study, with the ultimate goal of preventing and alleviating the suffering that memory loss brings… for generations to come.

The Foundation is committed to continuing to pursue research into progressive brain rehabilitation treatments that can have a tremendous impact on those who have experienced brain trauma, whether through sport, military service, accidents or who have been exposed to brain toxicity through substance abuse, exposure to toxic mold and chemotherapeutic agents.

Be sure to see the article recognizing our contributions to the field, in Discovery Magazine.


If you’re interested in having the
Brain Thrive by 25” program in your school,

The Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Foundation funds the successful “Brain Thrive by 25” education program in the schools. It has been providing courses for 10 years – in 42 states and 7 countries! We have helped hundreds of thousands of kids.

An independent study found that course participants decreased drug and alcohol use, saw decreases in depression, and improvements in self-esteem and quality of life. That’s because we designed the program to directly relate to a youngster’s life – plus, it’s fun and easy to use.

Ultimately, it teaches youth to fall in love with their brain, to take care of and create a healthy brain with optimal nutrition, free of toxins, lack of sleep, or overuse of technology, and to use their optimized brains to better their lives – in order to master their health and success. What’s more, we teach them about mental health, and how to kill the negative thoughts.

Numerous students tell us it’s “the most useful course I’ve taken…to optimize my life”…